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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  December 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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recordings that give us a glimpse into the terror after the car crash. jim: 24-year-old lakisha holloway drove her car into a crowd of people who were just walking down las vegas boulevard. a local man was injured in that crash. marie: the urgent calls for help. >> the district attorney filed charges against holloway. she is at the clark county detention center and is on suicide watch. >> we are going to shut down traffic.
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emergency dispatchers received on the night of that terrible crash. >> females with security advising that she just hit several people on the strip and wants to turn herself in. >> she did not seem distressed. holloway was behind the wheel of a car the injured 35 people and killed this arizona woman. >> the reaction was all my god how can a person do this? >> she was charged with child abuse and leaving the scene of an accident charges. >> it is just carnage. a 6000 pound plus motor vehicle up on the sidewalk mowing down individuals. not stopping. >> the motivation of the
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she was trying to find a place to sleep on casino properties and security ran her off. >> for her to consciously do is just indefensible. >> is possible that holloway's lawyers will use insanity as her defense. the lawyer says that a person in a bad mental state is capable of anything.if they feel they're not being taken care of and the needs are being society they feel they have a legitimate reason to lash out. holloway's lawyers say that when the time crumbs the play will be not guilty. we will have live coverage of
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jim: among those hurt in the crash was a las vegas man who was working as a promoter. >> i'm standing in front of the casino. this is where he watch the horror unfold. >> i was very scared. i couldn't sleep. i couldn't stop thinking about it. i looked up and people were yelling. everything happened so fast.
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the pain was unbearable. the car was running over it. >> another woman came to his aid. in the moments of chaos, all he could think about was his daughter at her birthday the day a illing reminder for him that he could've been much worse. a memorial in support of the
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marie: one of the many powerful stories to come out of this incident.stay tuned to news 3 for continuing coverage of this crash. jim: the end of 2015 has been really violent for metro officers. there have been three officer involved shootings in just eight daystwo of them happened on the same days. sergio: it is something we really haven't seen much of in recent yearsthree officer involved shootings so close to each other. 48-year-old randy keeling was shot by police on the afternoon of december 14. they said they had no choice.
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just eight hours later, another officer shooting. he says we had an incident in the past or someone came in to rob us. we went outside with a gun. he didn't want to be on camera. officers say they were tryryg to arrest two suspects in the case of a kidnapping. they were advised numerous times to strap the weapons. he raised his gun and he was shot and killed. a 52-year-old police veteran was
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according to the sheriff, he fired back twice at fox been missed. officers eventually caught up with the suspect. fox did not speak to officers after his arrest. he now sits in jail charged with attempted murder. a violent way to m2 money -- 2015. 10 of those officer involved shootings have been fatal. marie: whether you are finishing up the shopping or heading out of town, you might be wondering how the weather will hold up. jim: some of us have to get started. kevin: we are in for a bumpy ride as we get closer to
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lots of sunshine and probably the warmest day for maybe the next three weeks the way things are shaping up. we had some clouds and wind go to our east. we had clouds wind and rain coming southward from southern california. nothing major down there. areas of low pressure up to the north. they will bring with us the cold and the chill. here's the holiday weekend forecast. it is going to be windy on friday and saturday. the wind will actually start christmas eve. there could be some showers. maybe even a few snow flurries before sunrise. we will have overnight lows around freezing. if you are traveling tomorrow the cold is already coming down.
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in salt lake city. we will look at the forecast in more depth in just a few minutes. marie: a sigh of relief over at the rio. a fire was reported there but it turned out to be nothing more than a burning towel. fire crews were directed to the 26th floor where they used a fire extinguished to put out the flames. they checked for smoke damage but did not find any. no evacuations were necessary. jim: state officials don't think they have the authority to force uber drivers to submit to background checks. that was the point of the law. taxi companies argued that potential drivers could use other means to pass the test. a third-party background check is faster and more feasible.
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approved a new rate structure for those who use rooftop solar panels. an increase in the monthly charge for solar customers. the new rates will take effect the first of the year. solar companies in nevada say the price hike could put them out of businit could cost customers hundreds of dollars more. jim: senator harry reid has just sent out a press release that he says it would be a setback for the solar injury -- energy industry. marie: they are saying it to really hurt their wallets. jim: a grandfather was killed on our roads. marie: why they say justice is not enough this holiday season. jim: instant karma. he falls off an escalator as he
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jim: the funeral during the holidays. a grandfather was hit by a hit-and-run driver. the woted n running him over learned she is headed to prison. >> a local judge gave her the maximum punishment. >> i just say that i'm really sorry. i would do anything to bring him back. >> she apologized to the family of the man she didn't know but left dying on the side of the
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michael grob's pushing his granddaughter in a stroller when she ran him over and then drove away. grubbs push the stroller out of the way, sacrificing his life to save the little girl. [indiscernible] >> melinda grubbs was telling the court that his dad lived for the three grandchildren. the family was sitting in the courtroom wearing matching blue shirts with his picture.hearing the judge impose the
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behind bars. [indiscernible] she testified during the trial that she didn't know she had hit someone. she didn't surrender to police until eight days after the crasjim: horrible for that family. marie: the christmas weather authority. kevin: santa claus is going to have some turbo thrust behind him with the wind we are expecting. they are going to be warmer than we are. extending now into early or possibly mid january.
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by late morning they cleared out. nice and mild afternoon temperatures. the only remaining clouds were only is suffering -- southern half of the sky. as the lights came on in the las vegas valley. it is the ease of the ease. we are expecting temperatures to drop slowly. we do have some pretty good wind today outside. that did not mix in and we were able to enjoy the warmth without the wind. it is still blowing at 14 miles per hour. we're talking about this last night at 11:00. they landed out of the lake. zero wind as far as the day goes.
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that is a bargain the way things are going lately. take a good look at these numbers becae we may not see them again until the second week in january. 57 and sandy valley. mccarran's top temperature today was officially 63 degrees. 13 of the days this month have been above normal. mostly the very beginning of the month. probably in the midst upper afternoon. i like brees five to 10 miles per hour for most of the day. outside of town could be a little stronger. it was initial singh day in southern california because they had rain and clouds.
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that flow of moisture all the way back here will slide on through to the west coast. several areas of low pressure coming down from way up north. that usually means a bumpy ride this time a year. much colder air and the wind is coming down. freezing in pahrump. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon. a high around 56 degrees tomorrow. 61 out of the lake. going out 43 degrees in the valley. there could be some periods of cloudiness. the same story. 57 the official high temperature. your seven-day forecast. it is not the forecast we were
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after 4 p.m. give or take on christmas eve we will get very strong gusts of wind up to 40 miles per hour bringing in colder air. it will be windy on christmas day. another resurgence of wind on saturday. highs in the 40's. the wind tends to be the great equalizer. i don't expect any major variations around the outskirts of thewe're still talking about mid to upper 20's. jim: you may be able to help us track this down. we're getting a lot of phone calls about people who saw some lights in the sky. some people have used the words explosion. marie: it is just some sort of mysterious sighting. we are working to find out more and we will pass along to you.
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a family is stunned to find a couple of thieves trying to ruin their holiday. cameras caught the crooks swiping their christmas spirit right off theialso a coyote runs rampant inside an airport.
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marie: the reno-tahoe international airport has filed a complaint over the treatment of the 15-year-old mexican girl. she was detained for five hours
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contact her family after she flew to reynaud from guadalajara mexico. she was pulled aside for processing because she had overstayed her visa by 11 days during a previous visit. the customs agent told her that she was going to be deported. the airport authority president said they had received similar complaints in the past and such behavior should not be tolerated. jim: you see that light streaking across the sky. you see the light sort of fluctuating there. one of our photographers is just getting to the video into our system. marie: people have been
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losing altitude as a cane toward las vegas. perhaps not the clearest pictures but obviously clear enough to where people are going to suit ask what the heck is that. jim: is it a shooting star type of situation? it lasts for so long that you discount that. it is toward the south end of town flying east to west. the trajectory does seem to be going down toward the ground. marie: a large objects with a long tail. jim: we expect some that better video any second now. this white light streaking across the southern skies of las vegas.
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we are flooded with phone calls from people who saw it. marie: bowe bergdahl got prisoner of war.
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